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Agricultural Equipment and Vehicles

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1. Where do I find more information on the new Implements of Husbandry law

This Wisconsin DOT website: http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/business/ag/ will keep you up-to-date. It contains videos, explanations and a list of all local resolutions and ordinances that may impact which roads you use to move your equipment. Dodge county is going to create a map to further assist us. Look for the no-fee permit form on our Permits page.


Livestock Facilities

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1. Where do I find more information on licensing livestock facilities?

Check the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection site: http://datcp.wi.gov/Environment/Livestock_Siting/Siting_Statute_and_Rule/index.aspx

2. I'm adding more livestock but still will only have a total of 400 according to the DATCP definition. Will I need a license from Williamstown?

No. You only need the license if you have 500 or more "animal units". More detail on the requirements can be found in our Ordinance, Section 4.


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1. How do we apply for a building permit?

Contact Mary Kay Vogel (Kunkel Engineering) at (920) 210-4135 (cell) or through Kunkel (920) 356-9447

Village Board Meetings

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1. When does the Village Board meet?

The Village Board typically meets on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm at the Kekoskee Village Hall, W3275 County Road TW, Dodge County. Circumstances may require a change from that routine, so always check the website calendar to confirm date and time!

2. How do I get an item on the Board Meeting agenda?

Contact a Board Member or the Clerk to see if and when the item could be discussed.

3. When are Village Meeting Agendas posted?

Agendas will be posted at our three legal posting places a minimum of 24 hours before a meeting. The three posting places as of October 2018 are the Village Flower Shoppe at 16 County Road Y N, the Kekoskee Village Hall at W3275 County Road TW and the Kekoskee Refuse and Recycling Site at N7856 County Road V, all in Dodge County, WI. The agenda will also be posted on this website. Typically agendas are finalized the Friday before a meeting and will be posted as soon as they are finalized.